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Party is a group formed by players. They can be used for test hitting teammates to see your damage in player vs player, or parties can be utilized for the party channel. All party members are automatically invited to join the Party Channel, where you can chat with other players in the party and see creatures loot. Parties are also useful if you want to hunt with friends and receive some advantages like shared experience bonus, and you also benefit because you do not receive a white skull if you hit a party member.

Forming a Party

If you want to form a party, you have to invite another player. Just click on the other character and select "Invite to Party." This character can accept your invitation by clicking on your character and selecting "Join Party." If you started inviting players, you will automatically be the party leader. Any other characters that join the party, will join as normal members. You can pass leadership of a party by simply clicking another member of the party and selecting "Pass Leadership."'

Shared Experience

To share experience points, the party leader must activate this feature by clicking on himself. If the shared experience is activated, a blinking x icon will be on your character and anyone partied with your character. Once you start attacking a creature the x will become a checkmark symbol and the defeated creature will give an experience bonus, as shown in the following table:

5% Bonus 10% Bonus 15% Bonus 20% Bonus
The Same Vocation
Two Different Vocations
Three Different Vocations
Four Different Vocations
Knight Male.gifKnight Male.gif Knight Male.gifMage Female.gif Knight Male.gifMage Female.gifHunter Male.gif Knight Male.gifMage Female.gifHunter Male.gifSummoner Female.gif


[Group A]

  • Member 1: PaladinBow.gif
  • Member 2: PaladinBow.gif

[Total bonus: 5%]

[Group B]

  • Member 1: PaladinBow.gif
  • Member 2: KnightSword.gif

[Total bonus: 10%]

[Group C]

  • Member 1: PaladinBow.gif
  • Member 2: PaladinBow.gif
  • Member 3: KnightSword.gif
  • Member 4: DruidSnakebite Rod.gif

[Total bonus: 15%]

[Group D]

  • Member 1: PaladinBow.gif
  • Member 2: KnightSword.gif
  • Member 3: DruidSnakebite Rod.gif
  • Member 4: SorcererWand.gif

[Total bonus: 20%]

[Group E]

  • Member 1: KnightSword.gif
  • Member 2: DruidSnakebite Rod.gif
  • Member 3: SorcererWand.gif
  • Member 4: SorcererWand.gif
  • Member 5: PaladinBow.gif

[Total bonus: 20%]

Additionally, all bonuses such as experience scrolls, hill, and castle are all applied on a player by player basis. There was an issue with the old system preventing those bonuses from being properly applied to shared experience. This is no longer an issue with the new implementation.


((M / P) * S) * R
M = Monster EXP
P = Party Size
S = Shared Bonus
R = Personal EXP Rate:(As seen in !serverinfo)


To activate the shared experience, the leader must be Protection Zoned so that if needed the character could log out and the following requirements must be met:
Only characters who are of similar levels can share experience when hunting together. To be more precise, the lowest level character in the party cannot be less than two-thirds the level of the highest character. This means that a level 4000 can share experience with a level 6000, but not with a level 2000; or a level 2000 can share the experience with a level of 3000.
Finally, all party members must be actively involved. This means that they must attack a monster.