Sneezy [9062]

Dogma [8731]

Oswald Cobblepot [8661]

Nezuko [8419]

Marduck R [8252]

Collapser Zulu [231 / 850]

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New zone for levels 1.5k+ and 2.5k+!


A new area has been added to the game that has two hunting areas with the level requirements of 1.5k and 2.5k.

You can start exploring this new area by first going to the Scattered Vale (accessible via the carts in the temple), and then by going into one of the two portals to the north of where you spawn.

New 2.5k hunting area

More Hellmaw Cultists!


An additional hellmaw cultist spawn has been added to the game. This new area will have a future quest!

The entrance is somewhere in the new venomous flesheater spawn, check it out!

Hellmaw Cultist Alt Spawn