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Living Forest


The living forest has returned!

Where is it?
1. Start out by going to the green mile (the teleport in the north eastern section of the temple - Level 500 required).
2. Head north and slightly west along the grassy path and you will find an area with stairs surrounded by four pillars with flames on them.
3. Go down the stairs, head north, and you are there!

How do I get started?
1. First discover the location of the living forest.
2. Talk to the NPC Liara for important information as to how to cut the trees (using special axes that pirates drop).
3. Liara can teleport you directly to the pirate island if you say "send me to pirate island" to her.
4. Collect a bunch of small axes from pirates (the level 400 ones) and pirate skeletons as they do have a chance to break when using them.
5. Head back to the living forest and start chopping away!

Changing the difficulty
Last era, there was only one difficulty for the living forest. This has been changed for this era. There are now five different difficulties to choose from. You can change the difficulty by talking to the NPC Liara, and saying which difficulty you want.

Beginner (Designed for levels 500-1000)
Easy (Designed for levels 1000-1500)
Normal (Designed for levels 1500-2000)
Hard (Designed for levels 2000-2500)
Wicked (Designed for levels 2500-3000)

Other Information
- After you cut a tree down, it will respawn after 2 minutes.
- Trees will automatically de-spawn if not killed within 8 minutes.
- As an alternative to using the small axes to cut the trees down, you can opt to buy "Treebane" from Pumin for 10 orbs.

Treebane (10 orbs from Pumin) is a special axe for cutting down trees in the living forest. It has the following features:
1. It never breaks
2. It has a higher chance of cutting the trees down.
3. It has a higher chance of wielding neutral matter when cutting trees.
4. It is shiny.

EXP Catch-up!


As the server has been open for awhile now, we are now introducing exp catch-up mechanics!
Trello link here

The following changes have been made to the experience stages:
1-249 = 45x (increased from 35x)
250-499 = 40x (increased from 30x)
500-749 = 35x (increased from 25x)
750-999 = 30x (increased from 20x)
1000-1499 = 25x (increased from 15x)
1500-1999 = 20x (increased from 14x)
2000-2499 = 15x (increased from 13x)
2500-2999 = 13x (increased from 12x)

The following changes have been made to experience scrolls:
1-1999 = 10x multiplier increase
2000-2999 = 6x multiplier increase

The following changes have been made to the king of the hill experience bonus:
1-1999 = 8x multiplier increase
2000-2999 = 4x multiplier increase

Additionally, the "Living Forest" has been opened up to further increase leveling speeds for levels 1 ~ 3000.
More information about the Living Forest will be in a separate post!

Expertise System Revamp


The expertise system has been overhauled to be less daunting of a grind.
Previously, it would take months to gain a single level of expertise, but that is in the past!

Here is an overview of the expertise system:

All vocations can gain expertise. The skill level that they start to gain it at differs however.

Sorcerers and Druids start to gain expertise at magic level 220. Paladins start to gain expertise at archery level 140. Knights start to gain expertise at melee level 130.

Expertise is gained via training your vocation's primary skill (magic level, archery, melee).
You can speed up the rate in which you gain expertise by using a skill scroll.

Here is an overview of the impact expertise has on enchants:

Knight: Executioner
- Each level of expertise decreases the required health threshold to increase damage by 1%.
- Example: Expertise 0 = 25%, Expertise 2 = 23%

Paladin: Splintering Arrow
- Each level of expertise increases the damage done by splintering arrow and increases the duration of the healing debuff.
- Example for damage: Expertise 0 = 50%, Expertise 2 = 60%
- Example for healing debuff: Expertise 0 = 10000ms, Expertise 2 = 11500ms

Sorcerer: Double Damage
- Each level of expertise increases the damage done by the double damage proc.
- Example: Expertise 0 = 100%, Expertise 2 = 115%

Druid: Earthbender
- Each level of expertise increases the duration of the root effect (pvp) and the amount of mana healed (pvm).
- Example for root: Expertise 0 = 2000ms, Expertise 2 = 2500ms
- Example for mana heal: Expertise 0 = 50%, Expertise 2 = 57%

Generic: Vampirism
- Each level of expertise increases the amount of health stolen from the target.
- Example: Expertise 0 = 7% of your max health, Expertise 2 = 9% of your max health (halved in PVP)

Generic: Impact
- Each level of expertise increases the amount of damage impact does.
- Example: Expertise 0 = 20% damage bonus, Expertise 2 = 24% damage bonus