Mercy [15000]

Dulokz [15000]

† Dogma † [15000]

Stella Burjhin [14725]

Joshua beyma [14504]

Collapser Zulu [220 / 850]

March Update!


Deity Upgraded Weapon Quest
RELEASE DATE 03/13/22!

Brand new content surrounding this Quest!
-Based on the popular area of "Roshamuul" with a Collapser twist of course.
-Multiple larger area's enable many teams to hunt at the same time.
-As this area defines "end game" the DPS/XP/HP of the mobs resemble this.
-Bring a shovel, you’ll find a use for one of these.

Where can I find the Quest and what's required?
-Far north east corner of the Scorched Hills.
-Previous Deity Quests completed not including Chest.
-A decent sized team, recommend a minimum of 8+.

Clue's to complete the Quest?
-No... You'll know how this works. 

What Stats do the Upgraded Weapons have?
-Base damage is similar to that of the 2h that the majority of you already own.
-Noticable difference is that the Upgraded Weapons do not support the extra damage increase buffs as your 2h.
-Benefit of these Weapons is a high damage output whilst being able to wear a shield!

Tasks of Mastromus..
-For you to find and explore yourselves..
-The Home of Mastromus is found deep within the Nightmare Isle's.
-Access is only granted for those who have previously completed the Upgraded Weapon Quest.

Scorched Hills

The Reign of the Draken is upon us!


The Mystery of Drathgool Fortress!

-Face new creatures never seen before walking these lands.
-Collect their rares, or sell them and become rich, be careful though some of these will be required in future adventures.
-Become one of them, the Drakens let slip their tricks of shapeshift.
-Ever wanted to be coated in Dragon Scales? Now you can with an all new set.
-Find "Drath'Mortgon" and ask him about his "trades" & "outfits".
-You must have completed all current Deity Quests for access.

Draken Warmaster Outfit 500 Broken Halberd
500 Broken Spikeball
500 Zaoan Twinflags
2000 Lizard Leathers
2000 Lizard Scales
Draken Abomination Outfit 2000 Lizard Leather
2000 Lizard Scales
1 Zaoan Helmet
1 Zaoan Armor
1 Zaoan Legs
1 Zaoan Boots
Draken Elite Outfit 100 Dragon Tapestry
3000 Lizard Scales
3000 Lizard Leathers
1 Zaoan Helmet
1 Zaoan Armor
1 Zaoan Legs
1 Zaoan Boots
25 Collapser Orbs

Available to access from Server Save Monday 8th November!

~Halloween Event Week~


It's that spooky time of year again that we just cannot help but celebrate!
From October 25th up until 1st November we host our annual Halloween week long event!

Automated Week Long Event
- Collect candies and "donate" them to the Haunted Pumpkin for server wide rewards.
- For every 5k Candies donated, the time interval on halloween automated week long event shortens.
- For every 10k Candies donated, +1% of total XP gain of the final Halloween Event Boss.
- Hitting landmark totals of 100k / 200k / 300k etc triggers a Collapser Town Spooky Bonanza Raid for the following day!

Limited time Fishing Monster!
- The "Undead Angler" will be available to catch for the duration of Halloween Event Week.
- Players must be level 5000+ to catch him and also 130 fishing level.
- He gives a whopping 330B experience! Loot also includes high amounts of halloween tokens and candies.
- This monster refuses to be bowled, so be careful who you fish with!

Collect tokens and exchange at Balthazar north of Temple for individual rewards!
- Royal Pumpkin Outfit - 2500 Halloween Tokens.
- Royal Pumpkin Outfit First Addon - 1750 Halloween Tokens.
- Royal Pumpkin Outfit Second Addon - 2000 Halloween Tokens.
- Salem Outfit (black cat) - 3500 Halloween Tokens.
- Witch Doll (decorative) - 5000 Halloween Tokens.
- Myserious Pumpkin (decorative) - 1500 Halloween Tokens.

End of week spectacularly spooky extravaganza event.
- More details of this will be posted on the discord announcements closer to the time!.
- "Pop up" mini raids will be happening during the course of the week, increasing in frequency, difficulty and loot .

Royal Pumpkin Female Royal Pumpkin Male